Komen Charlotte Board of Directors

The Board of Directors functions to advise, assist and aid in our efforts to support breast cancer education and outreach programs serving Komen Charlotte’s 13-county service area.

Jeanne C. Puckett
Jeanne is a 17-year breast cancer survivor and a philanthropist.
A career in education, coaching, sales and marketing, and management has prepared me for this opportunity to do more for a cause to which I am personally committed.  One in eight women will be affected by this disease sometime in their lifetime. I experienced this first hand, as a 17-year survivor, but also through close family members and friends’ individual battles with this disease.  While leading the BCC Rally organization in becoming, for the first time, the largest fundraising Rally in the United States, I worked alongside those who had the same desires to help create survivors through research, awareness and support for those that cannot afford testing and treatment after a diagnosis.  Because of my personal experiences and connections, the Komen mission aligns well with my passion for serving others.


Susanne Dixon
Vice President/ President Elect
Susanne is an audit partner in KPMG’s Charlotte office.
As one of the leaders of KPMG’s Charlotte consumer markets industry practice, Susanne is responsible for serving KPMG’s largest clients in the Charlotte retail industry. She is also responsible for knowledge management and sharing – helping to ensure that technical accounting and auditing matters are communicated to KPMG’s client teams through her Technical Methodology and Training role.


Andy Bullins
Andy is a CPA and Manager of Financial Accounting at Nucor Steel.
As one of Nucor’s finance leaders I lead the budgeting and business combinations processes while serving as a technical resource to our divisions across the US and International locations.  My professional background provides me an opportunity to help Komen Charlotte in a variety of ways including assisting the finance committee and fund-raising.  As a father with two daughters I’m honored to be a part of this team to find a cure that may impact their lives and will certainly impact the lives of other people down the road.


Carin Ross-Johnson
Carin is a senior vice president at Bank of America.
I’ve been a Race for the Cure participant and Komen volunteer for many years. I am the only surviving daughter of Dr. Lydia Ross, who succumbed to Stage IIIA gynecologic cancer in 2010. My mom was an avid breast cancer advocate and volunteer with the Florida Breast Health initiative, which in 2011 dedicated its initiative to her. Because of my family experience, I have a personal stake and interest in cancers that disproportionately affect women and people of color, and want to make sure every woman learns what we did not know about cancer at the time my mom fell ill. I conduct cancer education workshops, volunteer and actively raise funds for cancer research. The mission of Susan G. Komen  touches me, and I am honored to use my skills, talents and abilities to support such a great organization.


Michelle Adams
Strategic Plan Co-Chair
Michelle is a senior vice president at Bank of America and a 10-year breast cancer survivor.


William Miller
Strategic Plan Co-Chair
William is an attorney in Charlotte.
I am a Charlotte native and co-survivor. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill and the UNC School of Law, I returned to Charlotte to work as an attorney. I was very personally and profoundly impacted by breast cancer when my wife Neil was diagnosed with the disease in 2007. Following Neil’s diagnosis, she and I both became involved in fundraising for Komen Charlotte. Beginning in 2008, I also volunteered as a member of the Grants Committee. After gracefully battling breast cancer for three years, Neil passed away in August 2010. I feel privileged to be able to honor my wife’s memory through service on the Komen board of directors. I am hopeful that Komen’s efforts will save lives and contribute to the quest for a cure.


Eshe Glover
Eshe is the Owner and Principal Strategist, BluePepper Public Relations.
I work the way I live: on all cylinders. I have a love affair with public relations and am passionate about advocating for our clients and causes. I regularly crave a white chocolate mocha drip and, despite the rumors, the only glitz in my day is the glitter that spilled months ago (and is still popping up in the oddest places). I’m also a dreamer. I dream of a day when there’s social justice for all. I dream of a day when economic status doesn’t define education quality. I dream of a day when differences are celebrated. And I dream of a day when cancer has a cure. I serve in honor of my sister, friend, hero and 9-year breast cancer survivor, Tina. I’m excited to work alongside a dynamic group of people bound by a common goal: to save lives and end breast cancer forever.


Martha Alexander
Martha Alexander is a former Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly. She served ten terms in the NC House from 1993 to 2013.  Martha is also a breast cancer survivor.


Sharon Matthews 
Human Resources Chair
Sharon is a senior vice president in human resources at Wells Fargo Bank.
I’m motivated by organizations that are positively impacting the lives of women and children. Komen Charlotte fits that bill. As a result of the illness and death of a close family member due to breast cancer, my daughter selected increasing breast cancer awareness among teens as the subject of her high school graduation project. Her dedication became my desire to help build awareness of the importance of early detection and screening, particularly in the African American community. I hope Komen can help significantly in this regard.


Jason Bernd
Board Member at Large
Jason is the Vice President of Cancer Care and Medical Group Operations at Novant Health.
I have grown up in a healthcare family and working at Novant Health over the last decade I have been privileged to see the miracles and the challenges that come with battling “The Emperor of All Maladies” as cancer is described by one doctor.  In addition, our breast cancer program is a Komen Community Grant recipient so I have seen firsthand the impact that Komen makes through education, prevention, and early detection in our community.  Finally I have walked alongside friends and family members who have battled breast cancer and I am thrilled to be able to serve an organization that has such an impact in our community.


Honora Gabriel
Board Member at Large
Honora is a vice president at Lash Group.


Kathy Lucchesi
Board Member at Large
Kathy is an employment litigation attorney at Johnston, Allison & Hord.
By day, I’m an attorney. By night, I’m secretly looking for a way to fulfill my dream of opening a bakery. In any case, I’m a bit of a joiner, so board service of any kind is a perfect fit for me! I’ve been so fortunate in my life to be blessed with good health and, until recently, a cancer-free existence. That changed in August 2010 when my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Following surgery at the amazing Indiana University Medical Center in December 2010, we thought he was done with this horrible disease. Unfortunately, the cancer returned in June 2011 and my dad passed away later that year. I truly believe that the research currently being done and funded by the generous donations to Susan G. Komen for the Cure will unlock the secret to curing all forms of cancer. Komen Charlotte raised more than $1 million last year! If we can raise that kind of money in one year, anything is possible! Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see cure for cancer in our lifetimes – and we’ll all have been a part of that!


Mary Ramsey
Board Member at Large
Mary is a vice president and corporate banker at Fifth Third Bank.
I am a 15 year survivor and was introduced to Komen Charlotte and their mission shortly after my diagnosis in 2001. Through my involvement with Race For the Cure and the Survivor’s Outreach Committee, I have personally witnessed all this organization does and can do. It is a privilege and an honor to serve on the Board and to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those touched by this disease. My professional experience and personal story are the foundation of my interest to serve in this way and support a goal to raise money and awareness to find a cure for breast cancer. Komen Charlotte has raised over $1 million in recent years. 75% of the funds stay within a 13-county area to fund research, awareness, and support for those who cannot afford the testing and treatment after a diagnosis.


Robert Meyer
Board Member at Large
Robert is a partner at Poyner Spruill, LLP.


Eric Brian Feinberg, M.D. F.A.C.O.G
Medical Co-Advisor at Large
Dr. Feinberg is a practicing Obstetrician/Gynecologist in the Charlotte metro area.
While new to Komen, he has been involved in women’s healthcare for the last 20 years.  He has a wife and two, college aged children. I have for years been involved with women on a direct one on one basis as they journey through their experience with breast cancer. A few years ago my wife and I unfortunately took part of that journey. The abnormal mammogram, the follow up ultrasound, the surgical consult, the biopsy, the waiting; we were lucky the biopsy was negative but the fear will not be easily forgotten. I hope that working with Komen Charlotte may be able to help others navigate that journey and with luck and research, avoid it.