A Season to be Thankful: A Note from our Executive Director

tami-picOne of the things I find most fun about our offices in the Komen House is the fact that we can hear people when they come to visit. The doors are old and creaky, and it’s hard not to know when someone is coming in. It’s especially gratifying during the month of October and even into November when so many special people come and go. Many of you are volunteers, hardworking committee and board members, survivors, and/or amazing donors who come bearing gifts that make it possible for our team to tackle breast cancer in the communities we serve.

For the past few days there’s been a steady stream of people coming in the office to “drop off” last minute Race for the Cure contributions or to make that final donation during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whatever the reason, the feeling is always the same; we are inspired and happy to see everyone who comes through our doors.

The season of Thanksgiving is near and it’s wonderful to have so many Komen friends close. Familiar voices are all around and while we fight a nasty disease together, we also laugh together and encourage one another to keep going. From Race, to “Laugh,” to research and more we are committed to reducing breast cancer deaths by 50% over the next 10 years and it will take all of us to make it happen. And…we can make it happen. Everyone is welcome to join the movement and everyone is welcome in the Komen family.

Komen supporters are a special breed. We all know the stakes are high, and we are “all in” to win the fight against breast cancer. So whether you come through our doors needing help, or to share your story, or to donate, know that we are glad to have you at Komen. The Komen team looks forward to seeing you whenever you come by and we are ready to hear you, support you, and celebrate you! It’s so good to hear the voices in the house and the old wood doors coming open …… you are always welcome here.