Komen Charlotte Staff

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Spanish Speaking Assistance
Ext. 2120


Stamie Despo

Executive Director
Ext. 2101

“Cancer is personal. Fifteen years ago my mom lost her battle to ovarian cancer. My mother as a teacher, and my father as a retired military colonel, instilled through example that we must serve others. Former President,  Jimmy Carter says it  best, “ My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I can, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to make a difference.”

My vision for Susan G. Komen Charlotte is to lead a proactive organization that is respected and a responsive leader in the community, where we stay focused on our mission and its impact, uphold the highest standards for a non-profit, and treat every person as part of our culture of philanthropy.”


Sarah Bailey
Senior Director, Community Health
Ext. 2108

“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our community and to work for an organization that provides help to those in need on a daily basis.

Over the years, I have met so many incredible women and men with stories that inspire me to work harder for change every day. One woman in particular, left an impression on my heart right after I started working with the Affiliate in 2011 – Reba Whaley. Reba was a single mom who had used Komen Charlotte funding to help before her first diagnosis. She spent hours volunteering for Pink Sunday and as a Komen Education Ambassador. She was beautiful, full of life and positive energy, hilarious, passionate, had a heart of gold, and she was a survivor. A few years after her 5-year cancer free party, she received the devastating diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. She preserved. She still volunteered and radiated positivity. Reba lost her battle in 2016 at the age of 49.

My passion for Komen Charlotte is fueled by the desire for no daughter to lose her mother, no husband to lose his wife, no family to lose a loved one, and to create positive, lasting change in our local communities.”


Jennifer Wolf

Director of Development
Ext. 2107

“I love working at Komen Charlotte because of my passion for the organization. I am a breast cancer survivor myself and want to give back and help others. Together, we can make a difference!”




Lynda Bell Anello
Operations Manager
Ext. 2104

“I work with Komen Charlotte because I have a strong interest in women’s health issues and do not want my daughter’s generation of women to have to worry about getting breast cancer, just because they are women and they age. These are two factors that should not be “risks” associated with cancer or any other illness/disease.”



Toni Lee

Navigation and Programs Manager
Ext. 2106

I am honored to be a part of Komen Charlotte because I have a strong passion for eliminating health disparities and Komen Charlotte is working towards that goal by  helping members of our community get access to quality breast health information and resources. Komen invests in local communities and groundbreaking research and that fuels my passion for wanting to be a part of this mission.”




Jessica Quinn

Finance Director

“Working for a non-profit who is focused on saving lives and making a difference to those living with breast cancer is rewarding.”






Kendall Bode
Education and Outreach Coordinator

“In 2016, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. As I watched my mom battle breast cancer, I developed a passion to help other women who are fighting this disease. Susan G. Komen Charlotte gives me the opportunity to help women whose lives are being impacted by a disease that has personally affected my family.”




Robin Saddler
Special Project Coordinator- Pink Bows

“I choose Susan G. Komen because of my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis in 1999.  Komen’s bold goal and continued history of serving the community has made an impact in my life. I want to help women remember to get their mammograms and know what’s normal for them.”




Photos by T. S. Greyshock Photography