Community Impact: Levine Cancer Institute- Cleveland

This month, we’re taking a look at community impact and what your donation money to Komen Charlotte is doing in our 13-county service area. 

Early detection saves lives.  This is a message we have heard over and over again in healthcare as it relates to cancer diagnosis.  For breast cancer in particular, this message has been perpetuated by campaign after campaign in order to get women to be routinely screened to prevent late stage diagnosis of breast cancer.  What takes this message important is that it works.  Early detection really does save lives.

Cleveland County is a small, rural community about 42 miles west of Charlotte.  Because of its economic situation, Cleveland County is currently designated as a Tier 1 county by the North Carolina Department of Commerce, meaning there is a significant amount of the population that falls below certain guidelines necessary for economic success.  This also equates to many people being left with limited resources when it comes to their healthcare.  Cancer (of all tumor sites) is the second leading cause of death for Cleveland County residents, with breast cancer being a large contributor to this.

In an effort to combat the effects of the burden of breast cancer in this county, staff at Levine Cancer Institute-Cleveland applied and received a community grant from Komen Charlotte to provide an education and screening mammogram program to women of Cleveland County.  This screening program, coined “Go Pink Cleveland”, has had a tremendous impact in the first six months; it has allowed collaboration between Levine Cancer Institute – Cleveland, and 14 different agencies across Cleveland County, including faith based organizations, work sites, and food distribution sites.  This program has provided breast health education to an estimated 612 individuals, and provided a mammogram for 26 women that they otherwise would not have had one.  Of the 26 women screened, 2 women were diagnosed with breast cancers caught in stage 1 A and 2A.

This Komen Charlotte funded program has reiterated the importance of early detection on breast cancer in this community through education and screening programs.  Early detection really does save lives!

Thank you for supporting Komen Charlotte so programs like this can continue to educate and save lives!