Fundraising for Komen Charlotte

Have a great idea for a fundraiser? Consider hosting a third party event!

A third-party fundraiser is a way for you to turn your passion into action. It’s a way for you to fundraise in a way YOU decide. Whether it’s an individual, small group, large group, your workplace, community school, athletic club, place of worship….the possibilities are endless!

Before we get started, please read the Community Fundraising Guidelines to assist you in planning your event or promotion.

How can you get started with a third-party event? It’s easy!

  1. Get creative. What are you passionate about? What resources do you have access to? How do you want to raise money? The sky is the limit! Share your idea with Komen Charlotte staff and let’s get going!
  2. Start Planning. Once you determined how you will fundraise, make sure you have the resources needed to plan and execute. Komen Charlotte will happily maintain an advisory role for your fundraiser and may provide some guidance.
  3. Donate! Once you have your event, Komen Charlotte staff will work with you to make sure your funds are submitted correctly.
  4. Feel good! Give yourself a pat on the back– you did it! You’re supporting Komen Charlotte in ending breast cancer forever. That’s something to feel great about.

To get started with a third-party fundraiser, please fill out the Community Fundraising Event Agreement and email it to Kelly Hendricks at mail it to 2316 Randolph Road Charlotte, NC 28207.