Meeting the Emergency Needs of Breast Cancer Patients During COVID-19    

During these uncertain times, it is imperative for breast cancer survivors and MBC thrivers to continue their treatment plans, free from worry about how they will pay their rent, feed their families or find critical resources. For those who are experiencing first-time symptoms and concerns about their breast health, they need our help in navigating the current healthcare system to access breast services as soon as possible.

In response to an increase in patients’ needs, we have established a Navigation and Resource Fund to cover critical navigation services that will assist with emergency needs of breast cancer patients right now, including basic living expenses like rent, utilities, groceries and transportation. Through an expanded community partnership with The Go Jen Go Foundation and your support of this fund, we will be able to enhance our navigation and resource services. Your gift will enable one-on-one consultation with our full-time, bi-lingual navigation and programs manager, Toni Lee, and help guide patients to resources that can provide immediate financial assistance.


Your gifts make an impact! 

“Susan G. Komen Charlotte was my calm in the middle of my storm; particularly (the Navigation Manager) Toni Lee. She was so calming and was a wealth of information in helping me find the correct people to speak with regarding any resources, information, or meetings she thought would be beneficial for me. Toni’s act of kindness (by calling me back to check on me) will never be forgotten, and knowing there are more like her working for this amazing organization is why it is so successful and deserves the support of anyone who is willing and able.”

-Alisa, Breast Cancer Survivor

“After losing my job due to COVID-19, I reached out to Komen Charlotte to see if there were any scholarships or opportunities that I could apply for. Toni followed up with me and provided so many resources that have been helpful to my family during this uncertain time. I can focus on my health knowing that I have some help with medical and everyday expenses. Although cancer has changed my life in so many ways and attempted to rob me of my health, it’s good to know that there are organizations out there to keep us from falling into financial ruin through the process.” 

-Hope, Breast Cancer Survivor

 “Komen Charlotte’s Patient Navigator, Toni Lee, elevated the level of care received at a time when I felt I was destined to be my own best advocate. I appreciate her warm demeanor and candid attitude in describing the treatment modalities I would undergo; the resources for medication, daily activity support, and community partnerships to ease the burden of the diagnosis on myself and my family. Furthermore, my husband and I attending the Komen Charlotte Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference reassured me that I was not in this fight alone. I had the opportunity to engage with other thrivers who have been where I am. Toni’s assistance opened my eyes to finding and using my voice.” 

– Denise, MBC Thriver


The Komen Charlotte mission is dedicated to meeting the most critical needs in our community, and nothing will stand in our way with you by our side. We are committed to supporting members of our community facing breast cancer, and helping them along the road to treatment and recovery.

The need is now. Please join us and make your gift today, to ensure we can ease the financial and emotional burden on breast cancer patients in our community during this time of crisis.

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Navigation Services – Toni Lee, Navigation and Programs Manager


People reach out to Komen Charlotte for various reasons. Many need basic breast health services, but do not have a primary doctor or insurance. Or, they have insurance but a high deductible to reach. Other times, a woman may have felt a lump or a pain in her breast and she is afraid and doesn’t know what to do. Some have been diagnosed with breast cancer and do not know who to navigate doctor appointments and treatment options. Others just need someone to talk to about their personal journeys.

Through our healthcare navigation services, our full-time, bi-lingual navigation and programs manager, Toni Lee, helps guide people in finding resources and navigating the complex health care system. In 2019, Komen Charlotte assisted 366 individuals in need of breast-related services.

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