Local People Saving Local Lives

Our Mission:
To save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our community and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen Charlotte is the local source for funding breast cancer detection, support and educational awareness in the Charlotte region. We fund non-duplicative, community-based breast health education and breast cancer screening, diagnostic, transportation, navigation and treatment support projects for the medically under-served population in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

This includes:

  • Understanding and finding more effective treatments for metastatic disease (cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, also known as stage IV)
  • Developing better therapies for aggressive forms of breast cancer that become resistance to treatment over time, such as Luminal B (HR+/HER2+), triple negative and inflammatory breast cancers.
  • Leveraging the use of transformative, next generation technology to detect breast cancer at the very earliest stage, before it has spread or returned, and when treatment is most effective.

Since inception, Komen Charlotte has invested nearly $7 million into research. We are proud to say that Susan G. Komen is the largest non-governmental funder of breast cancer research in the world, covering the spectrum of breast cancer- from basic cancer cell biology to prevention, early detection and diagnosis to new treatments and improved quality of life.

Susan G. Komen is the only breast cancer non-profit funding four pillars of activation – compassionate patient care, public policy advocacy, community health outreach and critical research. 


Komen Charlotte’s Investments

Community Grants

Komen Charlotte invests in community grants programs through an annual highly competitive grants process with an independent grant review panel. Programs are selected for funding based on how well they will meet the needs, make an impact, help individuals enter into and progress through the continuum of care, and how well the program will help meet the Bold Goal — to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% by the year 2026.

Funded programs include the following services: screenings (clinical breast exams and mammograms) diagnostics (diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, MRI), education/outreach leading to action, and patient navigation.

Susan G. Komen will do everything we can to ensure all people—especially the most vulnerable among us—have access to and utilize high-quality breast cancer care. Our Community Grants program is designed to make systemic, lasting change in our community. Our funding cycle runs from April 1 – March 31 every year.  Click here for more information on our Community Grants program. For a full list of current grants, click here.



Treatment Assistance Program

Komen Charlotte funds the Treatment Assistance Program through a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina in collaboration with Komen NC Triangle to the Coast affiliate. This program serves all of Komen Charlotte’s 13 counties.

The TAP is designed to help eliminate financial barriers that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis by providing financial assistance to breast cancer survivors/those living with MBC for the following services:

  • Lymphedema care and supplies
  • Oral chemo/hormone therapy
  • Treatment transportation
  • Child care/elder care
  • Oral pain medication
  • Anti-nausea medication and
  • Durable medical equipment

For more information on the Treatment Assitance Program, click here.


Survivor/MBC Thriver Support and Programs

  • The first annual Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Conference funded by Pfizer and Eli Lilly will be held on November 14, 2019.
  • Komen Charlotte provides survivor care packages and letters of support to newly diagnosed survivors.
  • Komen Charlotte mission staff assists survivors and those living with MBC to locate needed resources and make connections with others for support.


Advocacy and Public Policy

The Advocacy Commitee at Komen Charlotte regularly communicates with local and federal officials regarding important breast health/breast cancer related bills and actions, as well as affiliate activities and mission programming.


Lay Navigation

Komen Charlotte provides lay navigation from our Charlotte office. Mission staff talk with people to understand their needs, then help get to the resources that will work best for them. Our team assists them with entering into and progressing through the breast health/breast cancer continuum of care.



Community Organizing

In 2013, Komen Charlotte founded, and currently manages, the Mecklenburg Breast Health Coalition. This Coalition is made up of 20 organizations in our community who regularly come together to address the late-stage diagnosis rate of breast cancer in Mecklenburg County via a variety of strategies, including resource sharing and discussions of gaps in services.


Breast Cancer Research

  • Komen Charlotte invests 25% of net income into ground-breaking breast cancer research programs, run by Komen Headquarters. Of these research programs, Komen currently supports 97 active grants focused on MBC, totaling more than $54.4 million for research focused on why metastasis occurs, how to detect it, and how to treat it more effectively.
  • Komen Charlotte hosts a biennial Promise, Research, CURES Luncheon to showcase Komen funded research being conducted by Komen Research Scholars.
  • To learn more about Susan G. Komen’s research investment, click here.