Restoring Sensation After Mastectomy

Traditionally, breast reconstruction has been focused on appearance, with the goal of providing the four “S’s”: size, shape, symmetry and softness. Now, breast cancer survivors have the option to add a fifth “S” – sensation, allowing women to not only look, but also potentially feel, more like themselves again.

During a mastectomy, the sensory nerves that send signals from the breast to the brain are cut when the breast tissue is removed. Nerves act like wires and when they are cut, signals can’t be sent the brain and that area of the chest is no longer able to feel touch, temperatures, or pain—in many cases it will be completely numb—unable to feel the slightest touch, or even a hug from their child.

Resensation® is an innovative surgical technique that gives women the possibility to restore sensation to breast tissue after a mastectomy. As an additional step that can be performed during a natural tissue (flap) breast reconstruction procedure, Resensation.

Jane, a breast cancer survivor, was able to have Resensation done during her natural tissue reconstruction. “Now, to be able to reach out and hug my daughter and have her head rest on my chest, and be able to feel her, and feel her breath on my skin—that is the most precious thing in the world,” said Jane.

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