Sadrita Barnes: My Race for the Cure “Why”

As a seven-time breast cancer co-survivor (having lost my mother, younger sister, grandmother, and four aunts to breast cancer), one may say it’s easy to see why I support Komen Charlotte. However, my passion for supporting this worthwhile organization exceeds far beyond the loved-ones I’ve already lost. In fact, my passion for what I do spans across the families of all those who have lost a loved-ones to breast cancer, then it reaches out to those brave survivors and their loved-ones who are currently going through their journey, and it stretches out to those who have never received a diagnosis. In other words, I support Komen Charlotte because of my passion to make a difference in the lives of anyone who has or will be affected by a breast cancer diagnosis – which is what drives the passion of Komen Charlotte.

75% of funds raised by Komen Charlotte remains within our community with the remaining 25% being invested into the Susan G. Komen Research Fund to help find the cure to eradicate breast cancer. Komen Charlotte provides funding for breast health services for women and men needing breast cancer screening, and breast health education and outreach in the 13-county service area. The services they provide not only empower people, but it also saves lives by meeting the most critical needs of the community.

The Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure is the most amazing event I’ve ever attended; and I’ve been a part of 20 of them. If you can imagine a world where there is nothing but love, peace, serenity, joy, laughter, compassion, support, tranquility, unity, empowerment, strength, accomplishment, and sister[brother]hood all rolled up into one and decked out in head-to-toe pink – that is atmosphere of the Race for the Cure. Honestly, it is as close to heaven on earth as it could be. Wow! Seeing the strength of the survivors always bring me to shed tears of joy. Just seeing the smiles on their faces at the accomplishment and strives they’ve made is priceless. I promise you, there is no way you can attend this event and not feel a desire within your heart to want to continue to be a part of it for the rest of your life.

We love the fact that the Race is a family friendly event; therefore, my husband (Melvin), our children, and grandchildren have volunteered and enjoyed it for many years. It is the one day of the year that we do not have to fight with our youngest grands (ages 7 and 14) to get them out of bed (usually at 5am) because they want to arrive early enough to help with booth setup, distributions, etc. They loooove walking and looking ahead and behind at the “sea of pink.” Such a life-changing event!

Because of the support of Komen Charlotte, I know we’ll find a cure for breast cancer one day, and until that day comes, my family and I will forever support them in all their efforts; especially for all the great support they provide to our community and the differences they continue to make in the lives of so many people – including my own.


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